50 m2

Sitting spectacularly in one of San Sebastián’s most regal blocks, Garden is a fashionable flat whose floral wall brings the city’s garden indoors in a plush, luxe setting. Sensual and comfortable with a modern vintage air, the apartment is unlike any other in town.

Step into the space, and immediately feel enveloped in luxurious greens and floral print. The open kitchen greets you first, with a lovely marble island to gather round and sleek, built-in modern appliances.  Inspired by San Sebastián’s Alderdi Eder, the apartment and its vivid wallpaper and velvet curtains, from the likes of House of Hackney and Kvadrat by Raf Simons, whisk you away to a fantasy world.

Garden’s amenities include

Plant-lined balcony

Elevator/handicapped access

Modern kitchen appliances

Luxurious linens

High-speed wi-fi

Cable television

Hair dryer


Separate laundry room

Heating / AC

Street views

Unlike any other stay in San Sebastián, Garden gives you a taste of San Sebastián’s Belle Epoque style, with a bit of British country mixed in. Take your morning café con leche at a vintage table under an antique chandelier. Read a romantic novel stretched out next to the lovely, gilded full-size mirror, an antique from the original apartment. The bathroom is a study in blacks and whites, with a custom-built all-glass shower and top-of-the-line appliances.

The one-bedroom apartment holds two twin beds, each with a marble side table for storing your reading material and gin and tonic. Bring your friend, cousin, sister or brother, and play a royal couple with your lover because the beds can’t be conjoined thanks to their grand vintage headboards. Balcony filled with glicinias overlooks Calle Hernani and the  gorgeous architecture of the center’s noble buildings. The retro-style fixtures and gilded wallpaper make this a truly special, selfie-snapping-worthy place to lay your head. A one-of-a-kind stay in San Sebastián.

to Garden
The Neighbourhood

Garden’s location is one of the best in San Sebastián. Calle Hernani lays just between the two most beautiful basilicas of San Sebastian, runs from the Town Hall, on the corner of the Boulevard, past the beautiful and emblematic gardens of Alderdi Eder, and into the city’s shopping district. The beach of La Concha is just a block away, and the peaceful Plaza de Gipuzkoa, swimming with swans and flowers, is two blocks in the other direction. Meanwhile, you have all the famous international shops at your feet, lining the Avenida, as well as some of our favorite independent boutiques, such as Loreak Mendian (Hernani Kalea, 27)  and Auzmendi (Askatasunaren Hiribidea, 30), right outside.  And should you get hungry after all that shopping, head to the old town for a few pintxos, or pop into Narru (San Martin Kalea, 22) for delicious refined takes on traditional dishes.


Traveling with a group? We can connect Garden with another Nuun property to house up to 12 guests. Ask us.