original design, spectacular locations, unique experiences

NUUN’s offering is comprised of thrilling, exclusive properties, a collection of magnificent homes complemented by added-value services and unique experiences designed with the modern traveler in mind.

NUUN offers a selection of sophisticated and exciting possibilities on a single vacation rental platform in San Sebastian. NUUN is for those who have the highest expectations for their holidays. A collection of elegant, modern and unique properties that emphasize quality, careful design, and delightful details.


The NUUN Team
Ana Tena

Ana Tena, our interior designer, dreams in geometric forms and plays with light, shadow and minimalism. She has been based out of San Sebastián since 2007, but has projects all over Spain. When you sleep in a NUUN property, you’ll notice her attention to detail and whimsical yet functional touches.

“Katrin Marrero and I created three very different apartments, each of them tells its own story, and that story is present in every detail. I hope every person that sleeps in a Nuun apartment will enjoy a novel sensory experience.”



Marta Arcaute, our business adviser, exudes empowering energy 24-7. She brings her business acumen to the team, creating a plan for growth that is both realistic and profitable. Marta takes our capricious fancies and anchors them to the real world so we can host you on your much-deserved trip to our city!

“My mission at NUUN is to empower the management team to allow them to shine light on the value we offer to our guests and potential clients.”



Marta Arcaute
Marti Buckley

Marti Buckley, our writer and city expert, wears words like a warm fur coat. She is an award-winning journalist and author of the book Basque Country.  If you found yourself reading about a certain NUUN property and imagining yourself inside, you’ve enjoyed a mini mental vacation thanks to her descriptions.

 “NUUN properties set the imagination whirring, with their whimsy and  attention to detail. Fun to write about, but even more fun to stay in!”


Are You a Property Owner?
NUUN, tourist accommodation management specialist

At NUUN we are experts in managing your short-term rental property in San Sebastian, offering a comprehensive and honest service. Our priority is high-quality management of your tourist accommodation and maximizing its profitability. Your property, managed in a professional and transparent way.


Why list your property with NUUN?

Within our limited collection, your property will not be buried under countless other houses and apartments. Your property can be found and seen in a simple way, as part of a refined collection that shares the same sense of architecture, design, style and culture of traveling.

This results in a clientele of travelers with a similar mindset that appreciates and cares for your property as if it were their own.